EDI Database

Hello, welcome to the BREWS EDI resources database!

BREWS stands for Broadening Representation and Equity With Science, and one of our core activities is data-driven seminars. To say that we love data and research is truly an understatement. We have been thinking of ways to share the love and further these discussions in the department, and have heard from quite a few people who share these visions. We are therefore excited to announce the BREWS EDI Resources Database, i.e., this thing!

“This thing”

We hope this thing will serve as a centralized repository of EDI resources for our department and beyond (eventually!). Feel free to peruse and do whatever you want with it! This thing is by no means comprehensive — the goal is to grow this thing collectively, and hope we can spark some conversations along the way 😊

This database exists as both a Google Sheet and a Zotero group library. The two platforms contain the same entries, but Zotero provides the added functionality of commenting — a great way to share your thoughts and start a conversation with fellow EEBers! To use the comment function, you will need to become a group member. Please email Ashley Reynolds (ashley.reynolds@mail.utoronto.ca) to request membership. 

Want to contribute to the database? Use this form.

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The database was created by Amber Gigi Hoi, Ariel Greiner, and Ashley Reynolds, and is currently moderated by Amber Gigi Hoi, Ariel Greiner, and Ashley Reynolds.

We would like to note that we are not the only people who are doing this! For example, a similar resource list was also compiled by the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation at the AMNH.