Community cookbook!

Food not only provides the nutrients that power us, it is also a special bond that brings people together and medium to experience diverse cultures. For many of us, one of the first things we notice about our own heritage is through different traditional foods during family gathering.

In collaboration with the EEB Mental Health Committee, we are proud to present Food! A celebration of wellbeing and cultural diversity.

The headliner of this project is a series of themed (virtual) potlucks, where folks are invited to “bring” their favorite dish and that loosely fit under the predetermined theme (e.g., afternoon tea, comfort food). While we eat “together”, we will also share a little about our dish, e.g., where it comes from, how to make it, why is it special to you, etc.

We’ve also created a EEB Community Cookbook as a platform for everybody to share their favorite recipes, stories associated with each dish, and other resources and thoughts on a wide range of food-related topics. This document also includes tips on healthy eating on a budget, building up a repertoire of essential cooking skills, how to meal plan, and especially how to maintain a nutritious and balanced diet during a pandemic.

Keep your eye out for upcoming potlucks! To access to the Community Cookbook, click here. To contribute to the Cookbook, please contact BREWS organizers to request editor previliage. We look forward to learning about everybody’s favorite dishes and food stories!